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Pediatric Dentistry in Revelstoke

At Revelstoke Dental Centre, we provide dental services for the children of Revelstoke, BC. We strive to provide a fun, comfortable, relaxed, and educational environment to ensure your child's dental experience is always a positive one.

Oral Health Care Starts Early!

The Canadian Dental Association recommends the assessment of infants by a dentist, within 6 months of when their first tooth surfaces or by one year of age. Thereafter, children should visit the dentist every six months for a check-up and cleaning, just like adults.

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Children's Dental Services | Revelstoke Dental Centre

Children's Dental Services in Revelstoke

We Examine

Our dentist will gently examine the child's teeth and gums for any potential oral health problems.

We Treat

Our dentist provides treatment for dental health concerns, such as:

  • Cavities and dental decay
  • Management of gum disease and other oral health conditions (pediatric periodontal disease)
  • Dental injuries (e.g. fractured or knocked-out teeth)
  • Correcting malocclusion (improper bite) or bruxism (grinding) 

We Prevent

Our dentists provide preventive treatment and educational management to ensure your child maintains a healthy smile, by performing:

  • Preventive dental care (check-ups and dental cleanings)
  • Habit counselling (e.g. thumb sucking, pacifier use)

Your Child's First Visit

The first dental visit is usually short and involves very little treatment.

We will ask you to sit in the dental chair and hold your child during the examination. We will gently examine your child's teeth and gums.

For older children, x-rays may be taken (to reveal decay and check on the progress of your child's permanent teeth under the gums), and we may clean your child's teeth and apply topical fluoride to help protect the teeth against decay. We will make sure your child is receiving adequate fluoride in their toothpaste at home.

Most important of all, we will review with you how to clean and care for your child's teeth at home.

What should I tell my child about the first dental visit?

We are asked this question many times. We suggest you prepare your child in the same way you would before their first haircut or trip to the shoe store. Your child's reaction to his first visit to the dentist may surprise you.

Here are some "first visit" tips:

  • Take your child for a "preview" of the office.
  • Read books with them about going to the dentist.
  • Review with them what the dentist will be doing at the time of the first visit.
  • Speak positively about your own dental experiences.

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By creating a relationship with you and your child at a very early age, we can work together to prevent cavities and dental disease from occuring. Providing you with information on hygiene and diet is one of the biggest changes we can make in keeping your child cavity free. Your active involvement in your child's oral health care in addition to a regular maintenance schedule is extremely important.

Children's Dental Services | Revelstoke Dental Centre

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